Having your hardwood floors refinished is one of the easiest ways to drastically improve the look of your home. There’s no easier way to not only improve the beauty of your home, but also preserve its value. Here are a few of the most common reasons why customers decide to have their hardwood flooring refinished:
• Hardwood flooring is completely worn and has deep scratches
• Decided to remove carpet and want the hardwood floors underneath refinished
• Want to change the colour of the hardwood flooring

Sanding and refinishing your hardwood floors means that we sand the finish off from the existing floor and remove approximately 1/32″ of wood. Gaps filling if necessary by using saw dust and resin filler. Floors are then coated with sealer and three coats of lacquer or hardwax oil.

Water-based polyurethane is a bit more dull as opposed to oil based, but also has some advantages. One of the advantages of a water-based polyurethane is its fast drying time. Most residential hardwood floors require two to four coats of finish, with a one hour drying time in between coats. Upon completion of the final coat, normal foot traffic can resume within 24 hours. Another advantage of water base finish is its less irritating fumes caused by high VOC levels.
Oil-based polyurethane is scratch and moisture resistant, and works well in commercial or residential hardwood flooring areas with high foot traffic. Two to three coats are usually applied using oil base with a 7 hour curing time in between coats. However, we recommend you wait 24 to 48 hours after the final coat before you move in furniture.